Overseer of God’s Remnant Assembly Akintayo Emmanuel Highlights 3 Pillars of Standing Strong in the Midst of Trials

When troubles and tribulations emerge, what matters most is not what happens to us — but rather, whether we respond in a way that ultimately makes us proud of our attitude and behavior, or ashamed and disappointed by our weaknesses and shortcomings.

According to the Overseer of God’s Remnant Assembly Akintayo Emmanuel, the three pillars of standing strong in the midst of trials are: Faith, Praise, and Expectation.


Akintayo Emmanuel states that one should never lose faith and believe that God has abandoned them. He never leaves, even for a moment. When times are difficult and it seems that there is no end to troubles in sight, that is precisely when they must strengthen their faith and hold onto God’s word like a lifeline.


According to Akintayo Emmanuel, when most of us suffer, we instantly turn inwards and focus on ourselves and our losses. However, what God wants us to do during these times is resist the urge to emotionally isolate from others. Instead, we should dig deep in the word and find the strength to turn our suffering into victory through the weapon of praise, and play a role, however minor, in alleviating the suffering of others. Perhaps all we do is say ‘thank you’ to a family member, friend or even a complete stranger, or we offer a smile instead of a frown. When we become an instrument of God’s compassion in this world, we heal in ways that we cannot imagine.


Akintayo Emmanuel claims that when we face a setback or go through a difficult time, we should not despair and think that our best days are behind us. Instead, we should rejoice because we are being prepared and positioned for immense joy ahead. Eventually, the very thing that we once thought was a curse will be declared a blessing, and we will thank God for not instantly removing the obstacle from our path. That obstacle becomes a doorway to a better life and a deeper, closer and more intimate connection with God.

Overseer of God’s Remnant Assembly. Married to Pastor Sarah Emmanuel, founders of GRA Mission Squad.