Overseer of God’s Remnant Assembly Akintayo Emmanuel Shares 3 Profound Ways to Achieve Life-Changing Goals

As the dead of winter slowly but surely gives way to the emergence of spring, a yearly ritual takes place. No, this has nothing to do with spring cleaning or getting ready for tax time. Rather, it has to do with New Year’s Resolutions that have revealed themselves to be wishful thinking instead of triumphant achievements.

Individuals who set and fail to obtain most or all their lofty aspirations shouldn’t feel singled out, because they are in the vast majority, commented Akintayo Emmanuel, the Overseer God’s Remnant Assembly. In fact, research has shown that only eight percent of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Usually, this is due to several combined factors, such as lack of focus, lack of willpower, lack of realism, and sometimes desiring the wrong thing for the right reasons, or the other way around.

According to Akintayo Emmanuel, people who look for instruction and inspiration from the Bible can empower themselves to reach and exceed their expectations; if they calibrate their efforts and attitudes in light of the 3 Ps: prayer, patience and preparation.


The bedrock of all worthy activity — including setting and achieving ambitious, righteous goals — is the power of prayer. Proclaims Matthew 21:22: “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Commented Akintayo Emmanuel, who in addition his calling with God’s Remnant Assembly also serves as President of Hear the Lord Ministries: there is only one giver, and that is God. When we open our hearts to Him in earnest, authentic prayer and fortify this with deep and unwavering faith, we are always heard. We are never ignored and never forgotten.


Many people expect that their goals be achieved rapidly, if not immediately. This is not only unrealistic, but it’s often dangerous since we often don’t clearly understand the implications and consequences of our desires until we’ve had a chance to meditate upon them and determine if they’re going to lead us to a more spiritually meaningful life, or one full of regret and despair. Proclaims Proverbs 21:5: “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

Akintayo Emmanuel states: we must be patient and surrender to God’s will. He knows what is best for us, and any perceived delays in getting what we desire are only and always for our own long-term good. Many times, in life, we are more grateful for prayers that are not answered than those that are.


Many people take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to setting goals. For example, they promise to be more generous once they acquire more wealth, or that they’ll be kinder and more compassionate to others once their health improves. What they don’t realize, however, is that the Kingdom of Heaven is not somewhere in the future — it is right here and now. Consequently, waiting for some future event to be the catalyst of a noble change in attitude or actions (or in most cases, both) is fundamentally flawed. Proclaims Proverbs 24:47: “Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house.”

According to Akintayo Emmanuel: God wants us to work diligently and continuously towards our goals. For example, if we want to increase our wealth to support our family, community and church, then we must commit to improving our job performance while we increase our knowledge and expand our network. Or, if we want to improve our health and wellness, we cannot just expect things to get better. We need to do our part. We need to prepare our hearts, minds, and lives to receive that which we have asked for.



Overseer of God’s Remnant Assembly. Married to Pastor Sarah Emmanuel, founders of GRA Mission Squad.

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Dr. Akintayo Emmanuel

Overseer of God’s Remnant Assembly. Married to Pastor Sarah Emmanuel, founders of GRA Mission Squad.